Feature Comparison

Website Replicator

Website Replication

Replicate anything html, css, and javascript. Plexum advanced website replicator can provide your members a powerful mobile friendly, responsive and personalized website. Ensure 100% tracking of sales so that your sales force or affiliates can market their business (your business) with confidence.
MLM Tracking

Automatic Referral Tracking

As people referral others to join the sales force or become an affilliate the system will assign a unique ID then "The Replication Magic" happens. The system automatically within seconds replicate a website and shopping cart for each new member. Within a couple of minutes the new member can start referring sales with the confidence they will get credit for it.
Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart

Plexum Shopping Cart is fully integrated into the website replicator. You can provide each member of your sales force or affiliate a very robust shopping cart with all the bells and whistle of a traditional cart software with unique advantages like personalization, discounts to members and more with the same secure sales tracking system.

Plexum software is integrated with Avalara for automatic Tax calculation and reporting, Shipwire, ShippingEasy, and ShipStation for shipping label printing.

Virtual & Home Party Plan

The Party Plan model is a progressive and exciting way for your company to engage customers and incentivize sales consultants. Doesn't require consultants to stockpile or hold inventory - yet offers them an easy way to automated referrals, marketing and follow-up resulting in them earning more money selling the company's products and/or services.

Our Party Plan software provide online toolsets that allow consultants and party hosts to invite friends, family, and aquaintances to their hosted party without geographical limitations (county, state, and international borders). An affordable and fully automated solution for MLM and Direct Sales companies.

MLM Social Network

Social Engine

Network Marketing aka MLM companies have been using social marketing techniques to build their businesses for decades. So we believe building social networking tools into our software is a natural fit.

As your reps recruit people into their sales organization they automatically build their circle of friends. Friends can share business building tools, techniques, and strategies. People helping people ignites growth!

Social Connect Empower Your Reps to Build Stronger Teams
Newsfeed, My Circle, Timeline, Share Pics, Messaging, Share Ideas, Web Live Chat, and more...

Comparison Table Basic Advantage Plus Professional
Support Credits (Support Tickets & Live Phone Support) Unlimited Credits Unlimited Credits Unlimited Credits Unlimited Credits

System Features Basic Advantage Plus Professional
Customer Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
User License (Distributors, Members, Consultants, Stylist, etc.)
Shopping cart customers are not included.
1,000 10,000 20,000 Unlimited
Admin Staff Accounts 1 Staff Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Autoresponder (Single Response E-mail)
10+ Supported Payment Gateways
Admin (Staff) Dashboard
User Dashboard
Commission Reports
Genealogy Reports
Broadcast Mailer (Send email broadcast to Admin/Users/Customers)
Brandable System E-mail Templates
Automatic Software Update Systeam
Automatic Software Database Backup
New Blog System
New FAQ Manager
New Document Library Manager
Virtual Party Plan
New UTM Campaign Tracking and Reporting

Dashboard Features Basic Advantage Plus Professional
Mobile Device Friendly
Virtual POS
New Help Desk
New Inbox Messaging
New Timeline (Social Connect)
New Member to Member Chat (Social Connect)
New Monitor Live Web Traffic (Social Connect)
New Member to Web Visitor Chat (Social Connect)
New Newsfeed (Social Connect)
New My Circle (Social Connect)

Third-Party Software Integrations Basic Advantage Plus Professional
i-Payout: Simplify commission distribution
SkuVault: Inventory Management
Avalara: Making sales tax less taxing
ShippingEasy: Simplify Your Shipping
ShipStation: Streamlined eCommerce Fulfillment & Shipping
ShipWire: Inventory Management & Shipping Logistic Solution
New Proof: Social Proof Service

Genealogy Features Basic Advantage Plus Professional
Forced Matrix
Australian X-UP
Power Code
Hybrid Genealogy

Shopping Cart Features Basic Advantage Plus Professional
Inventory Control
With smart time limit control in-cart item release
Product Autoship & Subscriptions
Discount/Coupon Code
Discount by Class Rank
Virtual Party Plan
Inventory Control: Item availability notification
Shopper get notification when items become available.
Multiple Currency Support
Autoship Package (For new member sign-ups)
New Gift Card / Store Credit Code
New Minimum Order Requirement Per Transaction
New Minimum Purchase Required (to complete new members sign-up process)
Flexible Payments & Lay-a-Way Options

Party Plan Features Basic Advantage Plus Professional
Host/Hostess Manager
Guest & Customer Manager
Party Evite System
Party Sales Reports
Website & Shopping Cart for Each Hosted Party
Host/Hostess Rewards (Total Party Sales Volume)
Host/Hostess Rewards (Individual Sales Volume)
Host/Hostess Rewards (Sales Milestone Awards)
Tools to Manage & Host Home-Based Parties
Tools to Manage & Host Virtual Parties

E-mail Marketing Campaign Features Basic Advantage Plus Professional
E-mail Marketing System (Time-Release E-mail Responses)
Campaigns 1 Campaign 1 Campaign Unlimited
Campaign Letters 1 Letter Unlimited Unlimited

Website Replication Features Basic Advantage Plus Professional
Website Replicator 1 Website 1 Website 1 Website 1+ Websites
Replication Type Built-in Template Custom Website & Built-in Template Custom Website & Built-in Template Custom Website & Built-in Template
New Free Website Hosting (Hosting Features) Bronze Package Silver Package Silver Package Gold Package
Unlimited Site Replication
New Free Website Design Service
(Basic Template Design) Valued @ $499.95
Custom Links & Pages in Dashboard
Website Traffic Report (Stats)
New SEO-Friendly Website Pages Link
Standard Dymanic URLs
Short URLs (sub-domain)
New Free Website Design Service
(Premium Web Design w/ SEO) Valued @ $1,495.95
New Find Sponsors by name, location, etc.

Financial / Compensation Features Basic Advantage Plus Professional
Retail Sales Commission
Fast Start Bonus
Membership Commission
Incentives & Reward System
Performance Bonus Triggers
Host/Hostess Rewards (Virutal Party Plan)
Payout Request by Members
Retail Commission - by Product (Shopping Cart Purchases)
Matching Bonus
Split Commissions (Shopping Cart Purchases)
Recruitment Achieved Bonus
Retail Commission - Separate commission structure on (Rep/Stylist/Distributor) personal Purchase
Instant Sign-on Bonus
Bonus Pool System
Customer Acquisition Bonus (Shopping Cart Purchases)
Leadership Bonus
Infinity Bonus
Recycled Matrix Bonus (Forced Matrix Genealogy)
Commission Cooling Period
Commission Payout Levels Max 2 No Limit No Limit No Limit
Commission Payout Processing Manual Manual Auto / Manual Auto / Manual
Compensation Scheme (Pay commission via Monetary or Point Value) Monetary Monetary Monetary Monetary/Point Value

Wallet (eCash) Features Basic Advantage Plus Professional
Wallet eCash: Commissions can be used to purchase items from shopping cart
Wallet eCash: Commissions can be used to pay membership fee
Wallet eCash: Member-to-Member commission transfer

Ranks Upgrade / Downgrade Features Basic Advantage Plus Professional
Qualification based automatic rank upgrade
Force automatic upgrade/downgrade by timeframe (day count starts from signup date)
Qualification based automatic rank downgrade
Qualification based to maintain rank
Force automatic upgrade based on commission earned
Force upgrade/downgrade by completed Campaign Letter
Instant upgrade based on purchased store product(s)

Pricing Basic Advantage Plus Professional
One-time Activation Fee $399.00
FREE Activation
Act Now... Offer Ends Soon!!!
New Accounts Only
FREE Activation
Act Now... Offer Ends Soon!!!
New Accounts Only
FREE Activation
Act Now... Offer Ends Soon!!!
New Accounts Only
Now $4,999.00
Limited Time Offer!!!
Monthly Subscription $99.95 $299.95 $599.95 $999.95
Subscribe Now. Pay Later. 30-days Trial 30-days Trial 30-days Trial 30-days Trial

10+ Supported Payment Gateways

  1. Authorize.Net
  2. LinkPoint
  3. eSelect Plus
  4. Braintree
  5. Square
  6. Stripe
  7. BluePay
  8. Network Merchants
  9. Sage Payment Solutions
  10. PayPal
  11. Allied Wallet
  12. Pay Quicker
  13. SolidTrust Pay
  14. ProPay (Credit Card processing)
  15. Payap (Credit Card processing)
  16. QuickCard
  17. GreenBox