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Easily Grow, Track, and Manage Referrals and Sales.

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Rapid MLM by Plexum

Starting at $99.95 per month - Makes this Powerful Software, Affordable!

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Designed for START-UPS

Integrated and affordable! Powerful e-commerce solutions with a built-in referral and multi-tiered tracking system. We are pleased to announce Plexum Advantage & Plexum Basic - we wanted to provide a BIG business solution to MLM start-ups and small businesses . Finally a software with all the online commerce tools - you no longer need to bandaid a bunch of software together. Plexum is an All-In-One integrated commerce platform with automated tracking of referrals and sales.

Replicated Website, Shopping Cart, MLM Compensation Engine, and much more...

  • More than 10+ Payment Processor Gateway
  • Responsive & Mobile Devices Support
  • Lifetime FREE Updates

Discover How Plexum Can Help Automate & Grow Your Business

Some of the Features that are gonna blow your mind

Integrated Software

All-In-One Solution. Plexum has everything you need to operate a successful referral system.

Commission Tracking

Track referral of sales and people. Track and calculate commissions on one or multiple levels.

Site Replication

Instantly provide replicated sales website to your members. Fail-proof URL tracking for each member.

Genealogy Builder

Plexum can build a standrad affilliate structure or an advanced MLM compensation structure.

MLM Centric Shopping Cart

A complete integrated shopping cart with unique features designed to benefit and encourage referral and social activities.

Payment Gateways

Compatible with many payment solutions from common merchants make taking payment online easy.

Admin & Member Dashboard

NO PER MEMBER COST! Designed to offer simple to understand data associated with genealogy, sales and commission tracking.

Secured Downloads

Plexum can protect area with login requirements. Perfect for e-books, files &, members only contect.

Broadcast System

Keep customers and members informed of news and promos with a powerlul auto-responder system.

Website Replicator

Website Replicator

Replicate anything html, css, and javascript. Plexum advanced website replicator can provide your members a powerful mobile friendly, responsive and personalized website. Ensure 100% tracking of sales so that your sales force or affiliates can market their business (your business) with confidence.
MLM Tracking

Automatic Referral Tracking

As people referral others to join the sales force or become an affilliate the system will assign a unique ID then "The Replication Magic" happens. The system automatically within seconds replicate a website and shopping cart for each new member. Within a couple of minutes the new member can start referring sales with the confidence they will get credit for it.
Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart

Plexum Shopping Cart is fully integrated into the website replicator. You can provide each member of your sales force or affiliate a very robust shopping cart with all the bells and whistle of a traditional cart software with unique advantages like personalization, discounts to members and more with the same secure sales tracking system.

Plexum software is integrated with Avalara for automatic Tax calculation and reporting, Shipwire, ShippingEasy, and ShipStation for shipping label printing.

Virtual & Home Party Plan (optional)

An optional module for Plexum Advantage

The Party Plan model is a progressive and exciting way for your company to engage customers and incentivize sales consultants. Doesn't require consultants to stockpile or hold inventory - yet offers them an easy way to automated referrals, marketing and follow-up resulting in them earning more money selling the company's products and/or services.

Our Party Plan software provide online toolsets that allow consultants and party hosts to invite friends, family, and aquaintances to their hosted party without geographical limitations (county, state, and international borders). An affordable and fully automated solution for MLM and Direct Sales companies.

MLM Social Network

Social Engine (optional)

An optional module for Plexum Advantage and Plexum Basic

Network Marketing aka MLM companies have been using social marketing techniques to build their businesses for decades. So we believe building social networking tools into our software is a natural fit.

As your reps recruit people into their sales organization they automatically build their circle of friends. Friends can share business building tools, techniques, and strategies. People helping people ignites growth!

Social Connect Empower Your Reps to Build Stronger Teams
Newsfeed, My Circle, Timeline, Share Pics, Messaging, Share Ideas, Web Live Chat, and more...

Integrated Third-Party Solution

Operating your business made easy with the fully integrated third-party solutions.

Shipping & Prining Labels
Shipwire ShipStation ShippingEasy

Payout Processing
i-Payout PayPal


Perfect Solution For...

For more than 18 years we've been providing MLM and affilliate tracking software. Implementing a referral tracking system within your business can be most effective way to grow sales, increase traffic and exposure.

MLM Start-Ups

Great for compaines looking to start a business with a MLM compensation structure..

Affiliate Program

Great for companies already in business looking to increase exposure by rewarding others..

Retail Sales

Great for companies that already have a retail base but looking to imporove sales by rewarding others.

Direct Sales

Great for companies that already have a sales force that want to offer markeitng automation to the team..


Great for companies offer a secured members area that want to reward & encourage referrals..


Great for companies in the services industry who want to expand their sales force and customer base..


Dashboard & Shopping Cart
You can use the links below to test drive our flagship software. The demo software includes features of Plexum 8 Professional and it's modules, which tremendously extends the power of the software and are available at an additional cost.
Administrative Dashboard
Admin Demo - Click to Login
Username: demo
Password: demo
User Dashboard
Moses Demo - Click to Login
Username: moses
Password: demo
Customer Account Dashboard
Kelly Demo - Click to Login
Username: kelly
Password: demo
Replicated Website
Moses's Replicated Website - (moses.baxum.com)
Click to view website
Replicated Website with Shopping Cart
Mary's Replicated Website - (mary.baxum.com)
Click to view website


Dashboard & Shopping Cart


Flexible & Easy Pricing for wide Audience Groups

Plexum Basic

  • $399 One-time Activation
  • Full Access
  • 1000 User Accounts
  • Uni-Level
  • Upto 3 Levels Payout
  • Retail Sales Commission
  • Membership Commission
  • Fast Start Bonus
  • Commission Cooling Period
  • --
  • --
  • --
  • --
  • --
  • --
  • --
  • --
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Cancel Your Subscription Anytime

Plexum Advantage

Most Popular
  • $799 One-time Activation
  • Full Access
  • Unlimited User Accounts
  • Uni-Level/Australian X-UP or Forced Matrix
  • Unlimited Levels Payout
  • Retail Sales Commission
  • Membership Commission
  • Fast Start Bonus
  • Commission Cooling Period
  • Shopping Discount by Membership Rank
  • Replicate Custom Website Pages
  • Short URLs (sub-domain) user.yourdomain.com
  • Incentives & Reward System
  • Bonus Pool System
  • Matching Bonus
  • Performance Bonus Triggers
  • Host Rewards (Virtual & Home Party Plan) -optional $159/mo
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Cancel Your Subscription Anytime

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered a wide range of Questions for your Convenience

Q. Can Plexum be integrated with a site builder such as Wix, SquareUp, Word Press, Joomla, or a CMS?

Very Important: No! Any website built using any kind of online site builder will not work with our replicator. Only HTML files can be imported into the site replicator. The replicator does support most asset files such as CSS, JavaScripts, HTML5, embedded video players, and Ajax. Knowledge of HTML coding is recommended when creating pages or importing pages in to the site replicator. Please review our Site Replication Design Guideline

Q. Is there a Per User fee or hidden fees I should know about?

HECK NO! Although we still reserve the right to change our pricing policy at anytime. Plexum charges a fixed monthly software license & optional hosting fee. We think it is wrong, punitive and costly to charge transaction fees, per user fees, or impose order volume limits. We are committed to offering the most affordable & feature-rich MLM software in the industry.

Q. How quickly can we launch?

Most companies usually can get launch within 30-60 days, it entirely depends on how quickly your staff can get up to speed on getting familiar with the software. If you use Plexum Rapid Deployment Services, our Gurus usually can have the software installed, configured, and ready for launch within 10-15 business days.

Q. Which Payment Gateways are compartible with Plexum?

Authorize.Net, LinkPoint, eSelect Plus, Braintree, Stripe, BluePay, Network Merchants, Sage Payment Solutions, Global Payroll Gateway, PayPal, Allied Wallet, Pay Quicker, SolidTrust Pay, ProPay (Credit Card Processing)

If you have a specific gateway that is not on this list - we may be able to add it for an additional cost.

Q. What are the benefits of using Plexum Hosting services?

Important: Our Plexum-Optimized hosting and servers are surely a smart choice for serious business builders looking for a fast, reliable, and convenient hosted solution. If you're serious about rapidly growing your business you will need a server that can handle the Explosion with no down time or problems, period. You need an optimized and robust server with highly trained technicians to keep it running 24/7.

Please note: Free or cheap hosting is highly discouraged, because of the resources our software requires the likelihood of downtime is dramatically increased. When a free or cheap hosted website goes down it could potentially cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars in losses.

Q. Can we host the software on our server?

Yes! The following server requirements must be met on the target web hosting service to install Plexum software. Most web hosting provider have these requirements already pre-installed. If you are unsure, please consult with your web hosting provider for details. Click here to view Server Requirements.

Q. What are the benefits of subscription vs buying Plexum?

Today more companies are adopting the subscription model.

Purchase Model: Purchased software doesn't include any future features aka rolling software updates within the same version. To get new features buyers would have to wait until the next version release to purchase it.

Subscription Model: Get new software features more frequently within the same version. When major new versions become available you can upgrade at no additional cost. Subscription is also easier to fit into a company's budget.

Q. Can I purchase Plexum?

Yes, purchase price for Plexum ranges from $10,000.00 to $25,000.00. If you're interested in purchasing the software please call the sales department.

Q. How easy is it to upgrade?

It's Simple! You can upgrade Plexum at anytime without downtime and no loss of data. Please keep in mind the software version you select may or may not meet the requirements of your business model; such as features, rank qualifications, activity triggers, commission instructions and/or compensation structure. To upgrade to select the Plexum Version and pay the difference on the activation fee and monthly subscription.

Q. What about mobile compatibility?

Plexum is developed on a responsive web framework. Your distributors can access their dashboard and your customers can shop on any size device which it is being viewed. Delivering the same comfort and usability to the mobile user as to the desktop user.

Q. Can we test drive the software?

Absolutely! We provide a 30-Day trial for just $99. Click on the button below to immediately activate your complementary trial software on our powerful cloud hosting platform.

Activation fee and monthly subscription is not due until after the 30-day trial ends.

Risk-Free Trial - Cancel Anytime!
Plexum Basic - Start Trial Plexum Advantage - Start Trial

Q. What is the different between an Autoresponder and E-mail Marketing System?

Autoresponder: Automatically send a single e-mail response triggered by an activity. You can only setup a single autoresponse for specific activity (a single e-mail response letter).

E-mail Marketing System: More powerful than an Autoresponder! Automatically send multiple time scheduled e-mail responses triggered by an activity. You can setup multiple campaigns each with multiple time-release e-mail letters for various activities.

Q. Do you offer custom programming & extensibility?

Yes, we do offer custom programming on our mid to enterprise level system (Plexum Professional & Plexum Iconic), please check our corporate website for details.


We Are Tested and Trusted
  • This software was a critical stepping stone to the successful launch of a different kind of staffing company.

    Johnny L. CEO & Founder - Medical Staffing Company
  • This software provided us with powerful replicated website and tools that empowered our rep's success. I typically like how we can provide a fully PC to Mobile experience to our customers.

    Bishop Clarence D. Hope Church Vacation Club
  • Shopping cart with an integrated MLM compensation engine was the best discovery we could have made. It helped us fully automate our eccommerce experience for our distributors and our retail customers.

    Alicia PG VP of Marketing - Candle Company
  • Having a multitude of compensation options help us motivate and incentivize our distributors is absolutely amazing. It essentially put our marketing efforts on autopilot.

    Barbara P. CEO & Founder - Health & Nutrition Company